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    Well, more than a benchy I was thinking about this. Though I'd take a link to that small cube you were talking about.Attachment 11595
    Onshape is a free cloud based CAD software that is fairly easy to use, just gota watch videos to get the basics. Then you can make your own. The idea is a single wall that is the same width as your extrusion width and a given height, I use 2mmThen when printed it should be exactly the same width as your Ex Width and 2mm tall. Fatter you are over extruding thinner your are under.. too short your starting too close to the bed, too tall and you are too far away. I use .2 layers so it is just 10 layers and takes a couple of minutes.If using simplified 3d you need the allow thin walls option on for it to print. I would upload a few but when I click manage attachment i get a black screenSo I put a few up on my web servers. The .xx is the extrusion width, if there is nothing that matches your let me know and I will make one Single Wall Calibration squares

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    Thanks man!

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