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    Monoprice delta enabling wifi ?

    Its my first 3D printer, and i see it can be wifi enabled, has anyone done this ?

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    Nope - as soon as they sell the printer over here in the uk I'll buy one and it will need to be wifi connected :-)
    But paying $80 p&p from the states has currently put me off somewhat.

    I have seen a couple guides on setting up the wifi, and I'm sure there are youtube videos.

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    Ill try it out, thanks for the link.

    BTW i've heard it doesn't like anything bigger than 4GB micro SD card, i can confirm that tho the sire says 32GB would work, it doesn't.

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    why would you need anything larger ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    why would you need anything larger ?

    To add allot of tings such as washers, brackets, clamps, and i can store the machine where others can access it and select what they need rather than uploading everytme.

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    what i mean is a 4gb memory card will hold at least a couple of thousand gcode files. most likely more.
    they are just text files and pretty small.
    You invariably end up wiping and reformatting the card years before they fill up.

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