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    Pimp my "Bukito"

    Hello everyone,

    I dug out my Bukito that I got back from the Kickstarter campaign

    But it seems to be really unreliable via the USB-Serial Connection. Some commends don't get sent properly or the Line hangs up and is busy so you have to disconnect etc. etc. etc.

    So I thought "everythign else is working fine, why not look for a new control board" and that's what brought me here. I am looking for a reliable Controlboard that can be run from SD Card or USB. Ethernet or WiFi would be a neat but not necessary feature.
    I thought about keeping it the way it is and just connect OctoPrint on a Raspberry to it but that's somehow not really statisfying.

    What would be your suggestion?

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    looks like it's currently runing some sort of arduino.
    Doesn't even have a control panel. That sucks.

    So what you need is a board AND a screen/control panel. It's the panel that add's sd slot and wifi connectivity (depends on screen).

    You could probably get away with something really basic like this:

    Or go for the smoothie ware compatible board and touchscreen which you can add a wifi module to:

    You can go even more downmarket if you want with a ramps and basic lcd screen. But As I've never used ramps - I'll stick with what I know :-)

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    Thank you for the suggestions. This is basically exactly what I was looking for but I just found out that we have an Ultimaker 3 Extended at work that I can use, so right now I am saving my money. But it's really awesome to know for the future.

    Also the board is indeed Arduino based. It's working on Marlin code as far as I know so I will try to update the hardware driver

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    you can pick up a ramps board and screen package for under $20.

    How can a printer be considered portable without the ability to run form a memory card or usb stick ?

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