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    Guangrougou Yousu brought 3D Technology into primary school

    In a windy and sunny afternoon of the 18th , may,2018, Guangzhou Yousu 3D Tech team took 2 hours went from comAttachment 11564pany location to a Hualong Second primary school situated in Panyu district,Guangzhou City, in response to a national call to popularize science and technology within children.

    As a crucial part of a weekly activities of sharing the achievement and progress of high-technologies, this day’s program include the Speeches by the leaders, art shows and High-tech teaching.

    The ceremony was began at 2:30 P.M. , with a warm applause, the schoolmaster announced loudly the opening of the activities and presented a warm welcome of Yousu Reps.
    Attachment 11565The art performances of students speeches, a piano solo and Students Chorus, Latin dance,etc. Shows perfectly the talents and skills of students. Moreover,this cultural feast liked show gave a deep impression to Yousu Tech team, and they believe these lowers of our motherland would be the future’s national pillars confidently.

    After the ceremony, the Reps of Yousu 3D Tech are cordially invited to a class-room, to show the high tech products they brought. The curious students were overjoyed to see the new things and could hardly wait to have a try.

    Attachment 11566The Reps of Yousu Tech tried to teach progressively the working principle of the 3D pen by a simple and attractive way, and introduced the specialties of the items as well as the manual descriptions. They showed how to make a 3D creature in scene, and emphasized the tips for drawing simultaneously.

    After a conscientiously learning, the students captured the key points of the course, and tried to be a little maker one by one, furthermore, with the little fingers,they made special objects and created the dreaming world.

    Art works made by primary students with idrawing 3D pen,Yousu 3D Tech:

    Attachment 11567


    Time went as a arrow, the creative class ended at 17:00 P.M., but the students were reluctant to say goodbye, and expected the Yousu Reps could come again next time. Best wishes for the development of such a conscientious corporation, keeping friendship everlasting.

    We are young and have endless energies, we keep a never old heart. We won’t say giving-up no matter what problems we meet. After finishing this activity, we have consolidate furthermore the confidence in 3D developping, and we will constantly perfect our high-tech skills to launch more special 3D products to make the 3D arena proud of our successes.


    Guangzhou Yousu3D Technology CO., Ltd
    Adress: Chuangtian Industrial Park, Xiancun Town, Zengcheng District,Guangzhou,China
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