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    MKS Sbase 1.3. Endstops "allways on"

    Tevo Black Widow keeps eating 8bit boards. Upgrading to 32 for more speeeeed.

    Everything went fine UNTIL i got to the endstops. They remain in "triggered" -state. Pins are correct, triple-checked. Tried both "^" and "!" in the config, no change. These are metal-detector sensors. They have a small LED in em that says they are triggered. Its on now allways. Wiring double checked, tested different setups, no change.

    Config-file seems fine on that behalf.

    Firmware is still a bit of mystery tho. Sbase is a Smoothieboard ripoff, story goes the firmware might not be directly compatible even tho it "runs" and the printer does move, heat, etc. Can this be a firmware issue? I'm not certain if this firmware is made directly for Sbase in mind or smoothieboard.

    If anyone has a Sbase, metal sensors(3pin) and machine like Tevo BW then PLEASE, let me borrow your Firmware and config-file. I should be able to modify it to my needs.

    If you need more details, please ask. I'm still new at this.

    EDIT: Type of endstop

    EDIT2: Something i forgot to specify. I'm migrating from MKS gen1.4 8bit to the MKS 1.3 32bit if it helps anyone.
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    Tried external power to the limits. They woke up. Then ran the 5v wire into the PSU instead, giving it 25v... And it woke up. (they were rated for like 30v+ so)

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