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    Has anybody had experience with AliExpress. I waited more than a month and my product was never shipped. I asked for a refund and they have failed to return my money. They also said they would ship the product anyway as part of the settlement....That hasn't happened either. Any suggestions?

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    If the item was not shipped, you could cancel the order on your side. If that doesn't work, you'd better get Aliexpress involved. Good luck.

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    the problem with aliexpress is that it's just a middleman between a lot of different chinese factories.
    Think that's where my silicon heatpad for the big delta came from.
    Had np problem with that - but different factory most likely.

    Yep you need to contact aliexpress directly.

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    I have a dispute with them open!

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    Yeah, only buy from the AliExpress when you 1. are not looking for the highest quality 2. have no target shipping date needing to be met 3. have a low order quantity and 4. do not require custom orders. Because it is a middle man company some items will arrive within a week, others can take up to 5(!) months. As a studio I order a lot from them but mostly material resources to build up stock - clips, hooks, bearings, hose, nozzles, shafts etc. For targeted orders Alibaba is the best way but beware of high shipping prices invoiced to you after the order has arrived.

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