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    New at it, Perfect first print, poor second print..

    Hey, new to 3D printing and trying to figure this whole thing out. I just bought a Creality CR-10S and after calibrating it and loading up the sample PLA filament I printed the model that came with it and used the settings that it had preset (shown in first picture). Came out flawlessly. I went onto thingiverse and found something else to test print, for reference. Put it into Cura to convert it to gcode and used it's default settings at .2mm layers which I think were:

    Nozzle Temp: 200 C
    Bed Temp: 70 C for first .5 and 60 C after
    Speed: 100
    Fan: 0 for first .5 and 255 after
    Flow: 100

    The last 4 pictures are the results which are not very good and that is after I cleaned it up a bit. Starting from the bottom to top:

    • Base layer didn't stick to itself. Running a finger nail across the bottom you can see them separate from each other.
    • The corners are curved up but I know why this happened and expected it but wanted to see if setting it to 70 C for the start of it would help it adhere to the bed without putting tape or the like on the bed.
    • The layers are all attached however there are gaps in the print.
    • The printer started going "crazy" at the top and started to just extrude filament without attaching it to the rest of the boat resulting in a small birds nest instead of the rest of the model. You can see where it started at the top of the ladder. I removed whatever I could. Basically from there up didn't print although the print head went through the motions of printing.


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    Your filament may have absorbed a lot of moisture over time, and that is why it may have worked previously, but not anymore. You can fix this by baking your filament for a couple hours just below its glass transition temperature. For more info, check out my blog.

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    nothing to do with filament and moisture.
    Just printes too fast, and possibly without cooling fans on properly.

    Pk, first, you need to use the advanced settings in cura and learn exactly what the printer is being told to do.

    random numbers, tell me nothing.
    100 what ?
    It tells us nothing.

    But looking at it - it looks like there was insufficient part cooling and probably printed too fast for the printer to handle.

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