Hey, new to 3D printing and trying to figure this whole thing out. I just bought a Creality CR-10S and after calibrating it and loading up the sample PLA filament I printed the model that came with it and used the settings that it had preset (shown in first picture). Came out flawlessly. I went onto thingiverse and found something else to test print, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2631794 for reference. Put it into Cura to convert it to gcode and used it's default settings at .2mm layers which I think were:

Nozzle Temp: 200 C
Bed Temp: 70 C for first .5 and 60 C after
Speed: 100
Fan: 0 for first .5 and 255 after
Flow: 100

The last 4 pictures are the results which are not very good and that is after I cleaned it up a bit. Starting from the bottom to top:

  • Base layer didn't stick to itself. Running a finger nail across the bottom you can see them separate from each other.
  • The corners are curved up but I know why this happened and expected it but wanted to see if setting it to 70 C for the start of it would help it adhere to the bed without putting tape or the like on the bed.
  • The layers are all attached however there are gaps in the print.
  • The printer started going "crazy" at the top and started to just extrude filament without attaching it to the rest of the boat resulting in a small birds nest instead of the rest of the model. You can see where it started at the top of the ladder. I removed whatever I could. Basically from there up didn't print although the print head went through the motions of printing.