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Thread: CR-10 Prusa I3

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    CR-10 Prusa I3


    Set up the new printer..
    When I print the filament does not come out even, its thinner on one side....
    Please see the attached.
    The printer is a

    Aluminum 3D Printer Kit Creality CR-10 Prusa I3 Large Print Size 300x300x400mmAnyone know what would cause this?
    Thank you, tom
    I dont know if my picture is attaching..

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    could be a partially blocked nozzle - but no pic, so I'm guessing :-)

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    33.jpgSorry tried a few time to attach a pic here. it did not work
    You can see it on the link..
    thank you

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    On my 3DP11/3DP12 3D-Printers it would mean the the right and left Z-Axis Steppers are out of alignment.

    I would align the Z-Axis equal on both right and left side of the bed. It appears that the nozzle is closer on the left side of the bed than on the right side of the bed.

    The auto bed leveling is suppose to correct for this up though.

    Oh!!!!!! Have you preformed the auto bed leveling.

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    Thank you, leveling helped..

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