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    Looking for Flashforge Expert or Service Person in SE England

    I run six Flashforge Creator Pro printers for my small business, making original harmonicas and parts - like this one:

    I'm based in Canterbury, England. My printers have been working hard for years, and are getting a bit tired. I'm looking for someone who is an expert with FF dual extruder printers to make a service visit to look my machines over and return them to peak condition. Doesn't have to be a professional, it could be a home enthusiast who has good experience with these printers.

    I'll pay travel costs and a decent fee. If you fit the bill and are interested, please email me:

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    So have they developed problems or what ?
    I mean short of tightening nuts and bolts and belts and changing nozzles. there's not much else should need doing.
    You can replace parts, but if the parts are working they don't need changing.

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