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    Exploring the potential application of the 3D printable color change material

    Hi all, we are ThermoChrome, a team of enthusiastic engineer and computer scientist who is eager to work with other creators and professionals to explore the potential applications of functional resins.

    We aim to develop new functional resins for 3D printing that can be used by designers, creators, engineers, and 3D printing enthusiasts. This new resin can change color according to temperature and therefore has many potential applications in areas such as food safety, saving energy, and monitoring temperature.


    We are running a kickstarter campaign now.

    Our official website is :

    We are really appreciated if you could spend some time taking a look at our products. We can be reached by
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    Seems great, is the color change reversible and stable?

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    Hi, thanks for your interest! The three product we made have stable reversible color change. But the color change can be reversible or irreversible in the future, it is totally up to you!

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