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    dryer.jpg i used PETG Transparent Blue from Filament PM (bed at 70 degree)

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    @3DMark, Looks good. Are you building a Filament dryer? If there's a tutorial out there that you used can you link it?

    Here's some prints I did on blue tape and came out perfect. I printed one at a time and they came out pretty good. These are parts to stabalize the Z axis on my Wanhao i3. Here's a pic of the two upper supports that I printed at the same time and they came out terrible. I think though it was either a few things. 1. Partially Clogged Nozzle, this is what I think it was or could have been 2. Because my settings were set for doing 100% infill and the ones that failed were 25% infill or 3. Because I was printing more than one parts at a time, I don't see why this would matter. Or 4. Filament wasn't dry enough. I've never dried filament before and I always put the spools away in ziplock bags and deciscicant, but this roll was out for a few days. I still think it was a partially clogged nozzle. I'll try them again one at a time.
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    Hi i can tell you it's not no 2 - 3 or 4, the second one is terrible, do you try to change extrusion setting?
    i use a Prusa MK2S and i never seen something like that. The PETG is the easiest material to print

    This is a riser for the common Rosewill/Best/Flexzion/Yobo food dehydrators

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    @3Dmark, do you think PETG is the easiest to print because you're using an Original Prusa and their slicer settings? I've had lots of problems. Well not lots of problems, but enough.

    Originally I printed perfect, but it wasn't strong, but I think that was having the fan blowing too much. Then I was having problems with other things. I think I finally got it figured out. The first pic in my last post may not look it, but in person it came our pretty dam good.

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    maybe you can try with Prusa Slic3r, one of my friend have a geeetech printer and since he uses the Prusa Slicer his prints are much better and he has eliminated 90% of his problems

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    Cool I'll try that. My Prusa MK3 should be shipping any day now anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester, Jr. View Post
    Cool I'll try that. My Prusa MK3 should be shipping any day now anyway.
    very good choice, you will have a lot of fun with your Prusa

    now you will not lose your time to fix your printer, you will just print a nice object

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