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    CR-10S Do I have the upgraded board? Pic Inside

    So I bought a CR-10S a few weeks ago and noticed it had the problems that people are posting about, with the capacitor and such. It prints great, but I asked the seller if they could send me an upgraded board. From what i read Creality did fix the problem. I don't want to go to the trouble of installing if it's just the same board. Can anyone tell me if this is the new board?IMG_0885.jpgIMG_0886.jpg

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    It is. The capacitor should have a 200 on it, the bad ones have a 100 on it.

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    I’m getting a cr10s, I’ll look into the board to determaine if it’s the new unit

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    looks like a decent board.

    Can't you just compare the two and if the new one is different it's probably the upgraded version :-)

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    good one.. it is indeed of big help

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