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    Lesson plans for education

    My name is Craig Billings and I am the owner of 3D-XSTREAM. 3D-XSTREAM is a technology and education company in Louisiana that specializes in 3D printing and its applications.

    3D-XSTREAM is an acronym that stands for 3D-X, Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

    3D-XSTREAM has developed a curriculum for the education community as well as lesson plans that support 3D printing and all aspects of S.T.R.E.A.M. in education. The curriculum contains over 300 pages of information, guides, lesson plans, and quizzes and is supported with power points and 3d printable files. The lesson plans cover Louisiana GLE, NGSS, and Common Core standards and can be used to supplement current teaching materials or offered as additional projects/lessons.

    Some subjects that are covered:

    Science - Chemistry, Biology, Physics

    Math - Geometry


    Art - Expression



    3D modeling

    Our company has also released a new 3D printer "D.RO.I.D" which stands for "Digital RObotic Innovative Device". This new 3D printer allows users to create 3D models on the detachable interface while attached or detached from the machine. The interface also allows users to control the 3D printer and download models from the internet. It is a true "All-in-one" creating device.

    3D-XSTREAM also has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account.

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    Thank you sir. Our company has now integrated all of our learning information into a LMS (learning management system). All of our lesson plans, 3D models, quizzes and assessments are available on Users can learn 3d modeling, 3d printing, the STREAM subjects, and much more!

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    I should have mentioned that the website is free to create an account. There is also a free guide.

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