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    Brilliant idea from 3dPrintWorks - Uk's Only Filament Manufacturer

    Got an email this morning which impressed the hell out of me.
    3dprintworks is selling unspooled filament from £13.99 a kg including delivery.
    The really clever part is that it fits onto a 2 part screwable spool that you print yourself.
    Come with reuseable cable ties. So you can use one spool for lots of different filaments.
    Put cable ties back - spool has special slots to aid in this, unscrew spool and change over filemant.
    link to spool

    Gives you cheaper filament, wastes less plastic and is a genius idea all round

    My only issue is the size of the spools.
    A smaller spool with 250 & 500gm filament options would be a good idea for people with printbeds too small to print a full sized spool.

    Spool size is 197mm diameter.
    I'm going to struggle to get that on the delta bed - which is 200mm - but, doesn't exactly start printing in the exact centre. Maybe the incentive I need to fix that and get some x&y offsets sorted lol

    I'd suggest a 140mm spool for 250 & 500gm filament.
    Most people can manage that.

    3DPrintWorks are also the people who make the Vanish water soluble filament. I will be thoroughly testing this in the future.
    Just currently involved with the Big Bastard delta build :-) And as it's using parts I've designed - support isn't needed.

    3dPrintWorks use Natureworks ingeo pla pellets for their pla filament - which is about as good as it gets.

    I'm not a recyclable nut - but this is a truly brilliant idea that not only cuts down on waste, but gives the end user cheaper filement - what's not to like ?

    In fact I think I'll probaby nick the idea and make some small 2 part screwable spools for sample filament :-)

    Great idea, throw some smaller spools and filament weights in and it'll be perfect :-)
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