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    Ok, so I am looking to get a printer for home. I have decided that I want a kit that I have to assemble. I have no yet decided what it is I want to print yet. What kits are of good quality, good resolution prints, reasonable price?

    A little background on myself. I am a designer, machinist, welder, mechanic (a Jack of all Trades). At home I have a CNC mill, and a manual lathe. At work I run a Stratasys F170 (using grabCAD).


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    pretty much all we need to know is you budget.

    meantime, have alook at the prusa I3 mk3
    Probably the best kit around. not the biggest - but top top quality.

    Around the same price bracket but about as different as you can get. Much bigger print volume, faster printing and way better to watch working. Tevo little monster:

    to round it out a cube based machine:

    There much much cheaper kits, and a few more expensive - but those three pretty much span the top end of the three main shapes.
    Each one has it's own pluses and minuses, but overall on reviews none of them get many negatives.

    On another note - are you actually in vietnam ?

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