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    Looking for fully enclosed 3D Printer

    Hey all,
    I'm looking for a fully enclosed 3D printer with a heated print bed for less than 900$. It should have SD or WIFI connection and I want to install an air filter later.
    So far, I have only found the da Vinci, but it seems to be difficult to equip it with a filter.
    Do you have any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, you can try the WEEDO M2 but without heated bed. And it will have a upgraded version this year called M2S - which has heated bed and wifi and most important, it has air filter itself so you don't need to add one. Cool isn't it?

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    yeah that's cool, but I can't find anything about the M2S. Do you have a link?
    Does anyone have the Weedo M2? Is it reliable?

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    For M2 you can find it on and there are some reviews but M2S hasn't released yet. So I cannot provide link for you.

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    she's just spamming. Nobody's EVER heard of it :-)

    What other specs are you looking for ?
    Build size, extruders etc.

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    We have two Flashforge Dreamers, they are fairly small volume but can print up to 240°C stock with a heated bed and fully enclosed. Equipped with WiFi and dual extruders, we paid $1k/ea two years ago so you could probably find them much lower now. Upgraded with Micro Swiss All Metal Hotends and 0.2mm nozzles we print some highly detailed small scale prints in Polycarbonate and other high temp filaments. You could certainly get more printer for the money by building your own, but our Dreamers have been extremely reliable, good quality machines at a reasonable price!


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    I have PowerSpec 3D Pro (Flashforge Creator clone) with
    Micro Swiss All Metal Hotends
    and it works fine but how high can the hotend go? I think that
    requires hotends that can heat to at least 260 degrees C.

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    With the older Flashforge firmware you can heat up to 260, but there's also custom builds that go higher. We've had great results printing Polycarbonate at 260, just don't try to push speeds too much. I don't know if I'd want to heat a largely plastic carriage machine any higher than that as I've read about warping and melting issues, but we've been fine printing at 260.


    Access 3D Services Fine Detail 3D Printing by Joe Eckert, on Flickr

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    What you want a 3D printer that isfully enclosed with heated bed, dual extrusion, 9.75x8.5x10.9 printable area, with a 10" touchscreen interface that allows for 3d modeling, internet connectivity, 3d printer control, and other functions?

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