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    3d model for biology (botany)

    I am looking for 3d model that shows the pin/thrum flower polymorphism in primroses.
    Does exist a 3d site that offers special models for education in biology?
    Or has anyone seen such a polymorphism model?

    Many thanks and kind regards


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    While there are sites that have models you can buy (or even download for free) this seems unlikely to be available. But if you make a model like that, there are plenty of places you could upload it, so the next person who wants one could use it.

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    If you cannot find one then probably not. Your only option would be to design one yourself and print it. The other thing is would a 3D model really add anything to the explanation of this polymorphism? Given the time involved in its development. Depending on the frequency of polymorphisms within primrose populations it may be better merely to present real examples. This is also far more educational.

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