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    Replicator 2 Y axis left Rear pulley failure

    It looks like I lost a cap screw for this thing on my replicator 2. and also the rod holding the belt has slipped out from the bearing! yikes! Not sure how long its been like that, but I have had a lot of misprints for what feels like a year or so.

    Do you know where I can find this screw? I need to order a new one!
    Could anyone refer me to a repair video where this is disassembled ?

    Thank you! Your time is greatly appreciated!

    IMG_20180410_233439850.jpg IMG_20180410_233504801.jpg IMG_20180410_233806122.jpg
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    Looks like its called a replicator 2 belt drive pulley. Just cant find a replacement screw! anyone know where I can find it? Or what type the replicator 2 used in that spot?

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