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    3D modeling problems


    1. What tool should I use? The Civ 5 files are Granny .gr2 files while Civ 4 units seem to have been made using .nif file type. What program is capable of handling the 3D files.

    I tried getting myself 3DS Max 9 but I failed in my attempts to activate it, I could not get a working code from the keygen, very hush hush, we don´t want to advertise piracy here do we?
    Anyway there is no way in hell I´m gonna be able to afford a legit copy of 3DS Max which costs over a thousand dollars, only corporations can spend such amounts on software, no way.
    So I decided to get a free program instead, I downloaded Blender which is free and is supposed to be a really good program, but alas I have been unable to open any of the Civ 5 or Civ 4 files with it. It appears I need some sort of conversion scripts to import .nif files to Blender and so far I have been unable to get any scripts to work.
    Civ 5 files are another problem, they are Granny files to which I have no knowledge if there is a conversion script even available for Blender.
    The question is: How do I get the #D files to open up in Blender?

    Please help

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    Well, there are plugin for Blender to import and export .nif files.Unfortunatelly I'm unable to find any .gr2 plugins.

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    You can try to convert .gr2 to .obj and then export it to Blender for example

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    And can you recommend any good converter for this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger View Post
    And can you recommend any good converter for this?
    Good one? nope, sorry, all converters i've used were self-made and it was long ago, you can find some links in google i guess (try elitepvpers forum)

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    It's 3ds max

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