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    I think sometimes the tubes just wear out.
    Had the same issue recently on my delta. The tube actually managed to snap in half !
    Look on amazon for 3mm ptfe tubing with 2mm internal diameter.
    It's cheap and easily cut to size.
    I found a plastic one. Did anyone manage to find a metal one?

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    You can buy a micro swiss all metal throat tube, although to be honest i had less luck with that than with the PTFE tube. I found that the temps needed to be higher, but the whole thing was more susceptible to jamming.

    The best solution is to get any PTFE tube from Amazon (4mm outer, 2mm inner), and cut it to the right length.

    I found that the hole being created in the tube was due to the loading procedure. First you heat the hotend to required temp, the pull out the old filament, this temp must be enough to soften the PTFE ready for the actual cause, which is when you then put the new filament in it grabs the side and pokes a hole in it. I found the best way to swap filament in this printer is to make sure the hot end is cool before inserting new filament, press it all the way until it stops in the nozzle, then heat it to loading temp and then start pushing it through the nozzle. Haven't lost a tube by doing this so far! Although I do also replace the PTFE on a semi regular basis.

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