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    Question Anyone heard of Modix printers?

    Hey all,

    I'm looking for a larger format printer. I just sold my "desktop" CNC router that also printed, and found myself doing way more printing than cutting, so decided I wanted something that was a better, dedicated printer. I'm looking to print custom dash bezels for older cars, many of which are 12-14" wide.

    I came across a few that were close with a 300x300 X/Y area, but that's not quite wide enough for what I want to do, unless I want to get create and print in pieces and assemble.

    I found the Modix Big 60 on some 3d printer website listing larger-format printers, but there is very little info online regarding people's experience with it.

    I was curious if anyone here knew of the company and product, and what they thought/think about them.

    Or if people have other recommendations for some quality printers that are 400+x400+. Budget I'd like to keep under 5k. I saw a few close ones in a thread below, but most maxed at 300x300, but with larger Z heights. Unfortunately with the thing I want to build presently the Z height matters less than the X/Y.

    Cheers all, and thanks!

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    The printer is wider than most doors, consider assembly location wisely.
    That they tell you that is a good sign lol

    Looks like a decent machine.
    As far as budget wise goes, you could probably get something ready built for less.

    As kits got - take a look at this:
    400x400x500 - he3d use quality components and this has some cool features. Plus only $999

    Probably the best kit on the market - but not such a large print area:

    But you could get the he3d AND the prusa and still have $1500 left over.

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    I have a gMax 1.5+ It is the primary development machine for Marlin's UBL bed leveling system. It is a very nice printer.

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    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Is the benefit of having an enclosed printer more having to do with printing different materials, than successfully printing large objects? Or do you need better temp control that an enclosed printer provides to do quality large prints?

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    I do know that Modix is a serious startup company, I am in contact about working with them.
    For your purpose it seems a bit of an overkill to invest that much.
    With a Wanhao Duplicator 5S or an Ultimaker Extended, you can print well over your required size if you print the items vertically like a vast.
    You will likely need less support material and the parts will warp less due to cooling that way.
    If you coat them after printing in a polyester filler or epoxy, they will be very strong as well.

    An enclosed volume printer definitely does make some difference, I have had many parts distorted due to their large size.
    You can purchase these as a kit for Ultimaker machines.

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    generally the enclosure is pruely for awkward materials with a high shrinkage ratio.
    nylon, abs, polycarbonate, peek.

    Pla based filaments and pet and pet-g and flexible filaments don't need it.
    gmax is a decent looking machine :-)
    With a print bed that large autolevelling is definitely a very good idea.

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