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Thread: CTC help

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    CTC help

    Hello all,
    I can design and print parts, but when it comes to 3D printer tech, Im almost completely lost.
    My problem is, I have this CTC Duplicator that I have had for over a year now. While I've got it to print some decent parts it that that time, Ive also had my share of problems which were somewhat fixed. The problem I have now is it seems that my motherboard is shot. Ive contacted CTC and they wanted to sell me a replacement for $100. Ive been buying some upgrade parts for this machine from a vendor in the UK, which claimed to be an expert on the CTC printers. He recommended that I go with a MkS Gen V1.4, which he sold to me. When I received the new board, switches and wires, I found that the wires were not completely functional with this conversion and had to order some 6pin to 4 pin wires. But also, I cannot figure out most of the other wiring and where they go. Ive labeled the old wires( but they are not all useful on the new board)
    Ive contacted the seller and he has not been at all helpful. Is there anyone whom has done this conversion and lead me to where all the wires go?, what other parts I may need? etc.
    I would really like to get up and printing ASAP.


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    I've got an mks gen 1.4 (not actually used, but I looked all the relevant stuff up at the time).

    You want the page on, here you go:

    Should be a fairly simple process with that.

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    Thanks ca, thanks the best pictures and diagrams that I have seen. It appears that I'll need to find some wire connectors for my board to fit all my wires.

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