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    How to control the print direction of each layer individually?

    Is it possible to, for example, make each layer of a solid cube offset by a certain angle? Or maybe alternate layers between concentric squares and normal lines.
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    Nevermind, I guess the beta version of Cura for sigma bcn doesn't let you change the infill pattern. Is there a way to modify the gcode somehow as a workaround?
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    I'm not too sure what you mean by changing infill direction. From what I'm aware the rectilinear/grid infills alternate direction to give you a cross hatch sort of effect. Secondly, "modifying" the Gcode itself for a different infill would be a living nightmare. You'd need to program each and every move it makes. I doubt you can't change infill settings, but even if that's the case just use a slicer where you can.

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    simplify 3d lets you do that no problem.

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    Sounds also like Grasshopper. There is a plugin that lets you modify the GCode - Silkworm.
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