Hi there,
I've been trying for a while now to print polysmooth with PVA as a support material. I can have both of these material print very nicely separately and have no issue having them stick to the bed. I just can't seem to have the polysmooth stick or fuse with PVA. The polysmooth just oozes on top and makes a sloppy mess. Should I try using HIPS instead? Has anyone tried PVA or HIPS and got results? (Just so you know, i'm usinga flashforge creator pro with simplify3d and rather small layers 0.10-0.15mm and I'm not leaving any space between the support material and the polysmooth.) Cost isn't a problem so whatever you can think of that will work, i'm listening. I just need to optimize the quality as much as I can and using a support material that can be dissolved will help doing so. Also I am not interested to change the polysmooth to another material as its "polishable" surface as well as some others physical properties are essential to what I'm doing with the builds.

If anyone is willing to shared some experience with support material and polysmooth, It would really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,