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    Quote Originally Posted by jimc View Post
    Geoff try simplify3d. I have never waited more than 30-45 sec to slice even the largest most complex models. Most are 10 sec or so.
    When you say large and complex how large are we talking? I tried simplify3d and it actually bombed out on me :/ the mesh was only about 2.5million polys, which blender eats for breakfast, but yah no luck, might try it on another pc.

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    'One thing the Slicer programs could do is slice a couple of layers and start sending that G-Code to the printer. The printing takes enough time it would seem the Slicer could be doing that in parallel'

    This is a great idea. I noticed that on my printer the slicing speed increased dramatically when I bought a higher spec computer. This in turn increased the quality of the prints as my solidoodle has to remain connected to the laptop during the print.

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