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    Question Temp controlled PWM Fan, & LED controller


    I am hoping someone here can help me collaborate on a project.

    I currently have 3 of my main printers in a 42U server rack.

    Each printer is isolated from the other (still in the works)

    The rack itself has 2 fans (1 at top & 1 at bottom) along with a strip of LEDs that runs the entire opening. At the moment I have the LEDs & Fans wired into a 300w 12v PS. So when I turn on the PS, the lights & fans turn on (at full blazing speed)

    Each Printer/shelf, also has its own LEDs, along with 1-2 fans for the controller itself, & for the external Mostfet I have that controls the power to the heated beds..similar with the rack stuff, these LEDs & fans are hardwired into the printers powersupply. I turn on the printers all lights & fans turn on (loud, since Im running small high eff. fans)

    My plan is to either build (hopefully) or buy something that can:

    control up to 5-6 fans, & 3-4 different LED strips independently. Also I would love the ability to have Temp probe (thermistors or thermocouplers) inputs, So I can run these to the heat syncs of the controller or mosfet & then at set intervals have the contorller to dynamically increase/decrease the speeds as needed.

    For the LEDs simple on / off is fine, however having PWM would be great as I could dim them, and even better would be if the controller had the ability to take external input to turn lights on /off (IE run a octoprint pluging on each printers PI to adjust printer LEDS during heatup of hotend) (blue cold, yellow/orange almost there, Red for a moment right before Ideal temp, then white at desired temp)

    I have looked around & cant see anything off the shelf availble with the exception of the Corsaid commander pro. but it is $90

    I also found some 5.25 size touch screen controllers for PCs on Alibaba for aroun $40 that looks to possibly fit my needs, however I dont think that they would take external input from say octoprint..

    if anyone has any ideas let me know

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