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    Qidi Tech I (FFCP Clone): Is this Z-wobble?

    Hi guys,

    Trying to figure out what this is. I've tested changes in acceleration/jerk I've tested changes in speed with no change at all and based on all other troubleshooting guides I can find it is coming back as a possible Z-wobble AND/OR XY-axis slop.

    I'm assuming that means that there is slop in my Z thread rob and maybe every full revolution it slips a bit because at 0.2 mm layer height I get this issue about the same distance on all my SMALL parts. I'm not sure that I always have but for sure at least a couple months. On parts that are larger (but much shorter so longer extrusion distances) I am not seeing this problem. I do, however, see some ringing on direction changes.

    Theoretically I think it is still possible it could be acceleration or jerk but I'm hoping for some more trained eyes on this. I use this printer commercially and I do not mind working on it to replace or tighten stuff up but I will have to accomplish any tasks quickly.

    Any suggestions or tips you have are greatly appreciated. If the image upload does not work correctly I will try and get a larger version. Let me know if you need further info. This has been tested on multiple prints using Simplify3D and different models.

    Edit: attached second photo of the part behind it. Both have the lines in slightly different spot but seem to be oriented to the right side of the part and front of the bed (print bed leaning forward?)

    I am also hosting a copy of the photo at one of my websites

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    could be layer start and end lines.
    Try setting layer start to random. By default mosr slicers will start and end at the same point which can produce similiar effects.

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