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    Looking for small size high precision printer

    I have a Prusa I3 clone printer. It works well but I want a second smaller printer and specifically I want it for these reasons (in order of importance)

    1) It will be used for smaller mechanical parts, machine gears, linkage parts, things that would fit in your hand.
    2) need to print all types of plastic, ABS PLA and whatever,
    3) accuracy and finish quality matter. It must beat an I3 type printer by a noticeable amount.
    4) after #2 above print speed matters.
    5) cost maters, A "kit" is fine, I have time to research, order parts and build, how long this takes is not important.

    I think a mini size delta printer with quality parts might be best. I don't know what to look for in hot ends, linkage parts and so on. I'm likely looking for "high end" all the way around. What I need to the names of stuff to Google and some links

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    well the new monoprice mini delta looks pretty good. Give it a .25 mm nozzle (I have a hardened steel .25 nozzle waiting) and It would do seriosuly fine detail.
    Not available yet, but I'm keeping an eye on it.
    It's not enclosed - but that would be fairly easy to do - I have seen one in action and I really really want one :-) It's super cute and totally portable. I reckon you could run one off a decent 12volt li-on battery.
    I think they're lying about it being in production though - it's said that for about 5 months. Must be a problem somewhere down the line.

    Sounds like you're looking for an enclosed delta though. There are a few around, pretty pricey though.
    Now apart from the enclosure, it's the same spec as my k200 that cost me less than £200.
    Some of these people are just extracting the urine.

    Here's another one:
    can't see a price.
    Also check out mass portal:

    At tct, year before last mass portal made a a small wrist watch, purely from plastic printed components made with their deltas. Very impressive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    Some of these people are just extracting the urine.
    Got me on that one. Care to translate?

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    taking the piss :-)

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    a few comments about the Monoprice printer:

    1) If I was it enclosed I can add that myself. Either sheet metal of acrylic would work.

    2) Monoprice ha a world's worst customer service. I doubt any actual humans work there. I don't trust there specs at all. But prices are good and I live close enough to get one day shipping.

    3) this is a budget printer, I'd like something upgradable

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    it's fully upgradeable - why would you think otherwise ?
    pretty standard kit, just super cute :-)

    And you'd be better of with polystyrene sheet for enclosing. perspex and metal aren't exactly known for their insulating properties.
    If you get it hot enough to melt the polystyrene - you've probably also got your filament too hot to use as well :-)

    Plus it's the ONLY mini delta I've seen that wasn't made of wobbly plastic with a 3d print pen for an extruder.

    If I'd ever seen another one, I'd probably have bought it :-)

    And yeah, had zero response to my queries about when the mini delta would be available.

    But at the price, it's a fantastic platform to modify.
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