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    Need Help with Ubranded Printer


    I just got my first printer a month back not happy as still to figure out how to use the same, i managed to assemble it then i had to heat sensor error since then i am trying to find the right setting for Marlin firmware, the seller gave me the firmware they use to flash and board MKS Base 1.4.

    I can send the images of the printer so to know what hard it has basically it has 2 Z axist motors and the bottom and the extruder is in two parts and moves left and right while the plate moves front and back

    Can anyone help me with the Marlin configuration as the marlin which came with the printer is an old version has not able to replicate the setting with the latest version

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    Post your working configuration.h file and your old Marlin version number, and want marlin version you want to upgrade to.

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