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    weird wall issue but not until about 30 layers up. Maybe a slicer issue?

    I've got this print 45 deg to the bed so it's not like it's an issue w/ bed leveling on one axis. Also the bottom layer laid perfectly flat and looked great on all of these so I cannot see this being a leveling issue. It's done it on every drawer I've printed but only on this side and nearly the exact same way. The other interior wall on the opposite side looks fine. I'm printing in repetier using cura's embedded slicer on a maker select plus using 1.75 PLA at 60mm/sec print speed, 215/50C. 80mm/sec inner perimeter, 60 mm/s outer perimeter and 100mm/sec infill. This only happens on one wall and again the print is 45 from any axis so to follow an entire wall most the way makes me think something else is amiss here. I'm starting to think is the slicer doing this. What do you guys think??

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    pictures don't show any problems that i can see ?????
    Unless it's the back plate ?
    looks like maybe printing too fast for your machine.

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    I see the print is a a diagonal on the bed this could be represent of a slicer error.

    Could you post the slicer settings it could be that a few changes could eliminate the under extruded back wall

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    Yep definitely a slicer error. Rotated it 180 degrees and the problem followed that side so not the printer. I really have no idea why my notifications here don't work. Nothing is being blocked on my exchange server and i am set to subscribe. This is the only forum this occurs. Anyone else have this issue? I even white-listed the domain to be safe. The defects are hard to see but the back wall has the outside layer pretty much not there are certain layers. You can also see strands probably from layers atop that that had nowhere to rest on. Im not sure I have the gcode anymore. I moved back to simplify3D for a bit.


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