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    Maker select plus, marlin FW, any way to show print screen info w/o sd card?

    My maker select V2 shows X/Y/Z height as well as the messages (ETA, ETE, etc.) pushed from repetier server. I cannot seem to find a way to make this work. Even when I try to send an M117 w/ text I get nothing. I can't even get to the print option that shows fan speed, bed temp , e temp, etc. Unless I have the D Card in there. Anyone find a way around this? is this a Marlin limitation or this stupid touchscreen FW in this maker select plus?


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    Anyone? Has anyone gotten data to print to screen of the plus w/ the M117 command or any other command? It seems marlin should accept M117 maybe this screen FW doesn't allow it?


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    Fixed by updating firmware to a custom version.

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