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    Question Random blobs ons coners. Anet E10 with E3Dv6 and BL-touch

    Hello all and tank you for your time.

    After upgrading my Anet E-10 with the E3Dv6 and Bltouch is start having blobs on corners.
    Doenst matter if they are rounded or not.
    It hapens on all the models I print.

    I use Simplify3D.

    Printing with Esun Pla (190 - 215 gives no change)
    Nozzle 0.4
    Nozzle height 0.2
    Extrusion multiplier 1.0
    Extrusion witdh 0.5
    Retract 6mm @ 80mm/sec with bowden
    Print speed: 40mm sec with outline reduction of 50%
    Outline overlap 10%
    Printing inside out or outside in gives no change
    Force retract at layer change is off but gives no change when turned on
    Upgraded the X-axis from a T-slot to a V-slot but no change there (E10 carriage wobble is now gone).

    Can someone point me in the right direction?
    If you need more info just let me know.


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    The extrusion width is larger than your nozzle size which can cause unpredictable extrusion. The nozzle is waiting in a spot for the extruder to push out enough material to equal the amount that a .5 nozzle would produce, only through a .4 nozzle size hole. If the feeding of the filament, temperature, isn't perfect the amount extruded will vary and sometimes software over compensates.
    You can try playing with the filament size and see if that helps.
    I like to use the nozzle size or smaller for the detail it adds. If your needing to print at .5 widths use a .5 nozzle.

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