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    flashforge creator pro or flashforge dreamer or stick with the XYX printer

    hi chaps. I have been 3d printing for around a year with my XYZ de vinci 1 printer. and I am looking to upgrade if possible. I am using simplify 3d software to run the printer models, but with the XYZ printer I can not adjust very much to improve the prints, and the printer only likes the expensive xyz filament.

    so my question is would a Flashforge printer be any better ???? will they allow me to use cheaper filament then xyz, is the print any better ??? I understand that flashforge will not run with windows 10 is that correct ???? is the flashforge creator pro or the dreamer the better machine,

    or am I better off keeping the money in the bank.
    thanks, michael

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    if simplify 3d works on windows 10 so will the printer.

    Well to start with you can save money by buying the qidi - same machine, just cheaper.
    And yes they are all open filament, much much cheaper.
    Pretty sure plenty of people are using replicator clones on 10.

    Never heard anything that good about the davinci - so would presume that the rep pro would be the better machine.

    But also bear in mind for that kind of money you can get some really serious machines in 'semi-kit' form.

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