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    Temperature Issues

    I have a Hictop 3DP-11-ATL and have printed a fair amount with it over the last several months. The last couple of weeks I have been converting it from the stock extruder to a bowden extruder. I finally got everything done with my mod and plugged in the new extruder/thermistor combo and the extruder temp is reading 88 on the LCD with the extruder being at room temp. I plugged the old extruder in and low and behold the old extruder is also now reading 88 on the LCD when at room temperature. Before the change over I would read about 22, at room temp, which is 72 F, which is where I keep my house temp.

    Any thoughts on what might be going on? I also noticed that my bed temp is also now reading 5, so something is for sure happening as I never touched that sensor or connection. I have tried unplugging the thermistors right from the mother board and the temps don't change. I have testing the resistance of the extruders and they seem to be changing properly. If I heat up the extruder or the bed, then the temps will rise, but never get below 88 on the extruder as it cools.

    At this point I am at a loss and wondering if I somehow messed up my motherboard. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Did you disassemble or dismount the hotend during your modification? I once did some work on the extruder/hotend of my i3 clone and the wiggling snapped off one of those tiny thermistor wires, after that my printer read some weird and whacky temperatures as well. Check the connections at the thermistor to see if the wires are still intact and not fraying or partially broken.

    A thermistor that changes temperature as it heats/cools, but the point it thinks of as room temperature is shifted sounds like something has happened to the resistance of the circuit. This could be a few frayed strands of wire, a dodgy connection. Or if you changed your firmware you could have the wrong thermistor table loaded.

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