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    Strange output on printer

    Hello all,
    I have an MP Select Mini v2 and I'm trying to print my first print, and I'm having an issue. To put it in as best terms as I can, the printer isn't printing in three dimensions -- Let me try and explain. When printing, it lays down the brim just fine, but when it moves on to the outer corners (I'm attempting to build a project box), it seems like it skips those and goes right to the top place (which has some voids [holes] so I can tell it's definitely the top), and the top layers only gets once "pass" by the printer...I'm not too sure if this is making any sense, but I'm trying to explain as best I can with my limited "3D printer vocabulary"...If anyone has questions that could help me better explain, that'd be appreciated too. Attached is a picture of what I'm trying to describe. I apologize for it's lack of clarity as I tried to print this box 3 times without cleaning the print bed off.

    Thanks in advance


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    Any chance you could post the STLs so we can see what it's supposed to look like? I can't quite see anything that is obviously 'wrong' with this print without knowing what it should look like.

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    Yes, please send the STL and I can have a look at it.

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    how thin are the walls on the box ?

    If they are too think for the printer to print, the slicer will ignore them.
    Could be the issue.

    What slicer are you using ?

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    Post your gcode, too.

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    Thanks for all the replies...Unfortunately, I overwrote the original gcode file with one that is now working correctly. Strangly, when I was first attempting to print the box, I attempted to scale the model down to 25%, and I believe from reading elsewhere, the walls were too thin to print, so it printed as if the model had "collapsed".

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