before I start my print, I preheat the bed to 70 and nozzle to 193 using the control menu.
Whenever i press to start the print, it resets the bed to 65 and the nozzle to 160. So I set them back to 73/193.
When the print finishes, however, the bed remains at 73 and the nozzle is at 205. This wasn't a problem until I started printing with PETG yesterday.
Now the printer ends up at 205 despite being set at 260.

Why does it keep going to 205 even though I have to manually set it to the temperature I want twice.
It can't be the default setting right? when I select preheat (in the prepare menu) for ABS it goes to 240, then drops down to 205 afterwards.

It is definitely getting to at least 240C, since I have had a successful print where it didn't drop to 205 for some reason. and when I push the filament through after preheating it flows well