Hello, all.

As you can see from the image above, this part came out a little less than perfect. While it's still suitable for it's purpose, it's pretty ugly. The layers don't seem to line up right, and there's a bit of discoloration (burning?) on the one corner. It's hard to see from my crappy cell phone pic, but the lower fifth or so looks fairly good, and then quality rapidly deteriorates from there.

I feel like I did everything the same as I did for all of my prints, and subsequent prints have come out just fine... though clearly, something happened here. I leveled the bed as usual, had no issues with adhesion or anything. It's the same PLA that I've been using for a zillion prints lately, at the same temps and everything.

I'm curious: I don't have anything to help with z-axis stability right now, though I'm in the process of printing parts for z braces. Does this look like an issue with z-axis stability?

Is there anything else about this image that leaps out to you as something that was clearly done wrong?

Thank you all so much!


Part Printed on Maker Select Plus
MicroCenter PLA
ET: 210 C
BT: 60 C
Layer Height: .2
Infill: 20%
No Rafts or Supports Needed