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    Words not printing completely

    I have been trying to print out some key chains for work. So far I have not been able to print the words correctly. If any body knows what i can do to improve the print that would be helpful.

    Printer: Makerbot Replicator 2
    Material: PLA
    Temp: 230 C

    Its not the best image but that is what I am dealing with.

    ( I am trying to attach a picture but cant seem to do it )
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    Drop the Temp to around 200C for PLA, I print PLA from 192-202C on my 3D Printers.
    It Also looks like you need a tutorial on taking a picture (joke, Joke).

    Using a Picture Program Like MS Paint that comes free with windows. Load the Picture you want to upload, resize to 50% and save then upload the resized picture.
    This works for Me. Or if you have Google Drive store the Image there and Post the Share link Here.

    I also have a Bed temp of Between 40-56C thou really do not need a heated bed with PLA.

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    yeah temp way to high. I tend to go for 200-215.
    It will vary with machine and environment.

    Also how have you sliced it ?
    Layers, shells infill etc. Sometimes parts of text can actually be too small for the slicer to work with and bits go missing. I make stamps to imprint clay and have to be careful what fonts and font settings I use in openscad.
    And what program did you use to design it ?

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