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Thread: Help on infill?

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    Help on infill?

    Printing this in pla on a monoprice mini select v2. What should i make the infill? I'm looking to be pretty material efficient. It doesn't need to be super strong: it will just be a decoration.

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    Your infill will certainly determine a factor of strength, but also of surface finish. If you were to use a low infill, say five percent, the "mesh" will have to be bridged by the layers that are applied on the sloped surfaces. With the larger spacing of low infill, the first pass of filament may droop a bit. Succeeding layers will droop less.

    Consider to increase the perimeter, top and bottom layer count if you go unusually low for infill, but even fifteen percent should give good results with 3 layers overall.

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    looks like you'll need supprt for the fingertips.

    My standard print settings are 3 top and bottom layers and outlines and 15% infill.

    It can depend on your slicer and the model size. So always run through a preview of thr print to see if you need more or less infill.

    On pure aesthetics - that thing looks horrible !
    Would make a creepy stand for a cell phone though :-)

    It's like thing from the addams family had an evil twin brother !

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