Hi all,

first post so apologies in advance if this has been covered. tried a search but found nothing...

basic issue is that i'm getting what i'd call a very weak first layer (will try add pictures after current print is finished). i'll go into more detail if needed but the bigger problem is that after some time (3 hours or so) the print looses integrity, for the entire print i am getting lots of filament coming out during travel but this also gets worse as the print goes on. i'll let the picture speak for itself and answer any questions as i'm not sure what you might want to know and theres so many variables to this stuff (still a bit new). the printer is a geetech aluminium i3 that i built. was getting great prints a month ago, the got a clog overnight that resulted in a very burnt messy hot end, replaced teflon and nozzle and cleaned everything, new filament roll, now this...


any help would be appreciated,