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    List of some of the most popular D3 modeling software are Sketchup, LibreCAD, SelfCAD, AutoCAD

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    the old cura was quite good. But then they completely redesigned it and since then it's been really horrible.

    The last user friendly version was: 15.04.6
    here's a list of al releases:

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    I'm using Solidworks. That's what I advise..

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    You can look my 3d print model the website below.

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    I will suggest you some of these best 3D modeling softwares - LibreCAD, TinkerCAD, Blender and SketchUp etc.

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    If you can afford a license, Solidworks. The next best thing is Rhinoceros, it is great with meshes as well.
    For a nice free and quick solution use Sculptris.
    I use Blender to boolean away shapes, say create a flat bottom. That is about what I know in Blender, steep learning curve indeed.

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    @Ralphzoontjens, I agree with you, Sculptris is also a good option and the best thing is that it is free. Most of the educational institutes use Sculptris for educational and enrichment purposes.

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