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    Hot end question

    Hello all: The new guy here. New to the forum and to printing. I have one of the many Prusa clones out on the mkt and it was printing really well until the power supply started sparking. I bought a 30A replacement and installed it iaw instructions from the mfg of the printer. About three days later the hot end died and I got a replacement and installed it. It only heated to 90deg and then started falling 20 deg. Now before I go and buy a new anything I am wondering if I may have not adjusted the power out put to the correct vdc. What is the optimum power setting for this printer? Where does it work best? I may have missed something and may not be putting out the needed out put in order for everything to work correctly. If you can enlighten me I would be very grateful.



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    Most electronics (you probably have a RAMPS+Aruino) are capable of 12v or 24v, with the majority being 12v. What voltage are the fans on the system, that will tell you which voltage you are using. The heater cartridge has the voltage etched onto it sometimes.

    Either it's 12.00v or 24.00v. Your fan voltage rating will reveal which one you use.

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    You say that the power supply was making sparks?
    And the hot end died?
    You should check the wiring of your printer and look for short circuits.

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