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    hips won't dissolve in acetone - you need limonene. Yeah the same stuff that's supposed to repel mosquitos.

    Pva and warm water are your best bets.

    And yes a filaments colour does effect how it prints.

    support material isn't there to hold weight, it's mainly there to support plastic until it sets - at which point there is no weight bearing down on the support.
    It's certainly not 'spongey' - fairly flexible maybe, but that's not an issue.

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    Ahh, my bad, haven't read too much into HIPS but I guess I assumed since ABS and HIPS both contain styrene. Ohh well, at least you wont have to deal with mosquitoes ;p

    Serious note: PVA is much nicer to deal with, large vats of acetone (if you want to try ABS dissolvable support...?) or limonene are neither cheap nor particularly safe to handle and be around.

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