i'm new in the 3d printing experience.

ive got a bukobot v2 (GIFT). the mainboard is broke, a friend of mine has a anet A8 printer. and very happy about the controler. so i ordered a anet a8 mainboard and lcd. to put on my bukobot.

now before i start printing, i think i have to change some settings, like the rod bukobot uses and the steppers. ive got the details of my bukobot : X & Y Steps using 15 teeth / 3.18 pitch synchromesh cable 111.98/mm at 1/32 microstepping
Z Steps for M6 threaded rods: 6400/mm at 1/32 microstepping
Extruder Steps using Tatsu Drive Gear and 13.6:1 ratio stepper motor (Bukobot): 630/mm at 1/8 microstepping

how can i get my anet A8 mainboard to drive my bukobot ?

somthing to do with the Gcode ?

i use cura 3.1.0