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    Printing small screw hole connectors

    Good afternoon!

    I have a Da Vinci Jr. Pro, and I have trouble printing some smaller parts. For instance, this raspberry pi case There are 4 little pieces that go into the screw holes to hold it in. These all end up slightly misshapen, and won't fit through the holes.

    I usually print at 200C, 30mms, with Hatchbox filament. Is there any tips to try? More/less heat, slower/faster? I've tried a few different settings but nothing seemed to get it totally right.


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    Maybe try printing in a different orientation, using supports if you need to.

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    As I have a Pi Zero, I went ahead and printed the case. It appears to be correctly modeled.

    If you are saying that the alignment pins are deformed then you need to configure your printer.
    You will need to print a 20mm cube to determine which axis needs to be calibrated.

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    Hmm I didn't think about that, I'll try it. The pins are in the right spot, and look about the right size, but I just can't force my pi into them. So maybe you're right. I'll give that a try.

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    sanding blocks and small files.
    Sometims it's just quicker to post process a print than spend a few days messign about to get it exactly right.

    That said, sounds like the printer needs a fettle anyway :-)

    Do you have a print area cooling fan ?
    With small things like vertical pins a couple mm diameter, you do need to get them cooled and set pretty quick. even at 30mm/s once it's just on the pins, it comes back for the next layer before the previous one is fully set.

    One thing to try is to have a tall cube or column next to the print to give the layers a little longer to set and cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    One thing to try is to have a tall cube or column next to the print to give the layers a little longer to set and cool.
    Or send it to X0Y0 with each layer change, to allow more cooling time.

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