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    new comer question about stratasys printer

    Hello guys,

    I've brought a use Stratasys Dimension SST and I've never used it before, I got
    couple question.
    as I know I need to use PLA material for supporting , but
    how to I dissolve them ? can a china make ultrasonic tank can do the job ? or
    I need to buy the stratasys unit ?
    about building material, it used ABS, and
    I brought the CAN cable off ebay saying it could re-write the serial number on
    the cartridge also, have any body try them ?
    Thanks in advance

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    Stratasys says anybody that uses filament they didn't sell is a felon. Can you provide an eBay link to look at that CAN cable? There are some inexpensive Stratasys printers for sale on eBay.

    I would like to investigate what a person's options are with regard to used Stratasys printers.

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    I don't think the support material those machines use is really PLA; it's a proprietary material that Stratasys developed which will dissolve in hot water that's got some chemicals added. They provide large ultrasonic cleaners with heated tanks, but you don't have to use those particular ones. Here's their handout that covers their various support materials:

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    Stratasys Soluble Support material is not PLA, and to remove you use a heated water tank with diluted sodium hydroxide. Wear gloves and goggles when handling the solutions and be prepared to wash/neutralise the parts for several hours after to remove the sodium hydroxide from the internal gaps in the parts, and several hours in an oven to dry them.

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