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    Question Robo R1 printer issues

    SO ive been playing with my Robo R1 printer for the longest time now and its just not working rite. Ive played with the settings with no luck. Sometimes itll print good but 80% of the time itl either start the print 1" too high, start in the corner of the build plate. When its not doing that it will start the first layer and look perfect, then the second layer comes and it looks good, then the third layer comes and the print extruder starts flattening the piece out as it goes across it and then the extruder clogs. When its not doing that it cuts out half way through a part or in other words an hour of printing becomes a waste.

    Now is this printer just a junk printer? I mean ive tried all the speed settings z eight, first layer height, and everything else I can think of. The weird thing is like I mentioned before every now and then the machine will work perfect.

    So any advice is appreciated. I really want to get into 3d printing hard core but I cant with this machine. SO advice or a good recommendation for another printer to buy would great.

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    what slicer are you using and is there any updated firmware for the machine and have you updated it ?

    Also are you printing over usb or via memory card ?
    If usb, what operating system do you have ?
    if sd card - have you tried different cards ?

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    Im using Mattercontrol for my slicer. I just updated it and if anything it seems worse if that's even possible. , it came with the printer. I use the USB port through m desktop computer. windows 7

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