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    Printing with TPU flexible filament

    So i've got a monoprice selectmini and i've been fighting with this flexible filament for about a week, I can't figure it out.

    my print looks like this:

    When it should look like this:

    I've printed it at many settings but that one was printed at 250 celsius and 30 mm/s

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    way way way too fast.
    Also probably too hot.

    Even on a good flexibles printer, you'll not get a decent print from a soft tpu at anything much over 10mm/s
    Also doesn't hurt to up the extrusion to 110-120%
    And make sure your retraction is fairly short. 1.8-2mm.

    But primarily, you're printing much too fast. Which is why the rubber has been deposited if fits and starts.

    Which brand tpu is it ?

    One way to fix this would be to buy some polyflex flexible pla.
    Not the cheapest but brilliant stuff for printing with.

    But going much slower with a bit more extrusion should also sort it.

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    I agree with CA, too fast. Flexibles generally don't print well (if at all) at regular print speeds. As well as lowering retraction, maybe turn it off entirely. Try a range of print temperatures too.

    Last but certainly not least, can you show us your extruder? Most extruders have a gap between the drive gear and where the filament enters the hotend, flexible filament tends to buckle in this area.

    It might also be worth checking if your hotend is a bit (not fully) clogged or jammed, as flexibles seem a bit more sensitive to resistance to flow in the hotend because of the aforementioned buckling issue.

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    Speed is so fast. Printing with Tpu/tpe is different from PLA/ABS, you should slow and low printed temperature.

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