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    What to do with an old Flashforge?

    I have an old Flashforge Dual Extruder (The one made out of laser-cut wood, a Makerbot clone) that needed minor mechanical repairs, which I fixed. Now, I have a few questions: 1) The firmware is version 1.0. What would be the best/most stable firmware for this? Should I use the Flashforge firmware? Sailfish? Something else? 2) Any recommended upgrades? Glass bed? BuildTak? Anything else? Thanks!

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    Marlin would be the 'right' firmware to load on it!

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    I think there might be some bias in the above haha.
    My opinion on the right firmware is the one that does what you need it to do. If they all do what you want, go with the one that has the biggest community (support) behind it, will be easier to get help for.

    When I saw the tittle of the thread I thought you were scrapping an old flashforge and using the parts for a new machine. Upgrades for an existing machine? Experiment, try bowden, direct, geared or ungeared extruders, removable beds, auto leveling. Go nuts and have fun.

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    Thanks for the responses. Since I'm super new to this, I didn't know if there were obvious firmwares people either like or avoid. For physical mods, I'm again looking for low hanging fruit as far as easy mods with big bang for the buck, or if there were common failure points I could/should address now.

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    firmware is fine. been running mine with that version for nearly 4 years.

    Printbite is the best thing you can add to any 3d printer.
    You also want to make a print area cooling duct:
    And if it doesn't alrady have levelling knobs - make these:

    The only other thing I've done with my flashforge is to move the on off switch to the front. Well, we added another to the front and my mate somehow made it the on/off switch. Don't ask me how :-)

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    Thanks for the links! Definitely going to check that out. You're using Version 1.0? Seriously? With something as new as 3D printing, I'd think Version 1.0 would be scary.

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